About the Company

We are Human Power, a recruitment company based in Europe.
We assist our partners to find the right talents for them.

If you are a business owner or manager, we will direct your expectations and requirements to these specialists and potential candidates, so that in the end you have the person with the relevant knowledge, skills and experience in your team.

We help job seekers advance their careers with the best solutions.

We strive to maintain long-term relationships not only with customers but also with our candidates. For us, the individual approach to each of them is important, as well as the open communication between us.

Our partners are growing every day and their satisfaction is the best business card for us.

We do not set limits. We develop our service in the branches where there is the greatest demand: production, logistics, engineering, BUT MOSTLY the IT sector.

Our services:

Assistance with company trainings
Free career counseling
Salary survey – surveys of the labor market, wages and working conditions of your competitors.
Headhunting and IT recruitment

Our values:

Uncompromising business ethics
High professionalism
Lifelong learning
Combining good practices with innovative approaches.

However, what we have taken to heart is the long-term career guidance and development program ** Early Career **.

Investing in the future of young talents is a priority and mission for Human Power, so we try to be as active as possible in our relations with Bulgarian schools and universities by providing them with many opportunities for internships, trainings and scholarships.

Talent after talent.

> Our Talent is Finding Yours! <

Company Overview
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